Saturday, January 20, 2007

AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

Its come to that point in the year where football is the focus of the sporting world. March Madness is close but still far, baseball is a few months away, hockey is heading into its All-Star break, the NBA is nearing midseason, and college football already has crowned its champ. For many sports fans football has been their focus since the season started, but for some the playoffs are when they put aside everything else and are zoned in on football.

The AFC and NFC Championships are both intriguing matchups this year, with the AFC featuring a huge rivalry between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, while the NFC features the leagues best team in the regular season and a team that is carrying its city on its back. The Bears will look to prove they are the best in the NFC, while the Saints try and continue a feel good story.

My predictions:

Brady's time to shine: The playoffs are when Tom Brady and the Pats are at the top of their games. I don't think it will be any different this year. The Colts are a very talented team, but the Patriots will not be stopped. Peyton Manning will throw two touchdowns and Mr. Clutch Adam Vinatieri will kick a couple field goals, but Brady will still lead the Patriots to victory.

Prediction: Patriots 31, Colts 27

Saints go marching into Miami: It has been a storybook season for the New Orleans Saints and we all know how a story ends, with a happy ending. While they Bears will prove to be a difficult task for the Saints, I don't believe that Rex Grossman and the Bears offense will be able to put enough points on the board to beat the Saints, who are playing with house money and have all the confidence in the world right now. Sean Payton will draw up a good game plan that Drew Brees, Deuce, Reggie, and the rest will execute well, doing just enough to stop the Bears' mighty D.

Prediction: Saints 24, Bears 17

No matter what, we can look forward to two great games tomorrow.