Friday, March 30, 2007

Final Four Predictions

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining daily, baseball is almost here, and the Final Four is this weekend. Spring is by far my favorite time of the year and I cannot wait to watch three great basketball games this weekend, with a couple baseball games in between.

There may not be an exciting underdog to root for like last year's George Mason, but you really could not ask for a better Final Four. All four teams are very talented and all three games should be exciting.

My bracket is awful this year, two out of four Final Four teams, but my champs, the Kansas Jayhawks, let met down once again. So this year I don't really have a team to root for, but Georgetown is really growing on me. As a UConn and Big East basketball fan, I'd like to see the Hoyas back at the top of the nation.

I think that whoever pulls out a win in the Ohio State-Georgetown game will win the National Championship. Florida is a very talented team and I think they will get by an equally talented UCLA squad, but I think the size of the Hoyas and Buckeyes will stop the Gators try for a second straight National Championship.

Here are my predictions for Saturday night's games.

Ohio State vs. Georgetown:

This is a very tough matchup. Both teams have good players at almost every position and two very big guys in the middle who play similar games. Roy Hibbert of Georgetown vs. Greg Oden of Ohio State is a very intriguing matchup, but I think Hibbert may be able to shut down the freshman sensation.

Mike Conley Jr. is another extremely talented Buckeye freshman. I have been impressed with his play all tournament long and think that he will eventually be a good NBA point guard, because he has the ability to drive, shoot, and pass.

The Hoyas need a big game from Jeff Green, who has size and the ability to take defenders off of the dribble. His drive to win the game against Vanderbilt was amazing. The Hoyas showed me a lot in their win over UNC, I thought they were done, but instead they came back and won big. I picked Georgetown to make the Finals on my bracket and I'm sticking with them now.

Georgetown Wins

Florida vs. UCLA:

Another very good matchup. I really dislike the Gators, but you can't deny how talented they are. I am picking Florida to win, but in a very close game. If Aaron Afflalo can shoot like he did against Kansas and the tough Bruins defense can lock down Florida, they have a chance to win as well.

Billy Donovan is going to have the 1 million dollar offer from Kentucky hanging over his head, but I really do not think it will affect him or his team. The Gators are experienced and have been in this position before but so was UCLA.

The difference is, the Bruins no longer have Jordan Farmar, who probably wishes he could get back with Afflalo and his teammates to try and get revenge on the Gators for last years finals loss. The Bruins need a big game from Darren Collison, who is Farmar's replacement. He has picked up a lot of experience this year and looked good against Kansas, but it will be tough for UCLA to beat the Gators.

Florida Wins

Check back tomorrow for my baseball predictions, starting with the American League tomorrow and the National League on Sunday. Also look for a breakdown of Monday's National Championship Game.